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At AstroMerits we work with the pledge and render a signal service to enhance and spread the ancient Vedic wisdom. We hail from a place by name ‘Palakkad’ in the coastal state of Kerala. In this great land Astrology is a way of life than sheer belief. The influence of Astrological literature on the language of the land is quite startling. In fact it is quite fascinating to see how its literature itself has premated with the spirit of Astrology, by freely acquiring astrological terminologies to enrich its idioms.

At AstroMerits you will find a very different kind of Vedic Pundits; an Astrologer and Yagna specialist who is distinguished Scholar in the Vedic language of Sanskrit and authors Vedic books for highly learned pundits, an Astrologer who has mastered the Mantra Shastras and is a Sree Vidya Upasaka, an Astrologer who doubles up as Astronomer and can calculate and tell you the time of the night with absolute accuracy by just looking at the relative positions of the heavenly bodies in the zodiac and is an alumnus of the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee. In terms of worldly education, all our Astrologers possess a Master’s Degree in various disciplines from leading Universities. The detailed profiles  of our Astrologers is given below:

Sri P N Natarajan

Vedic Pujas, expert vedic astrologer, online pujas homas yajnasSri P N Natarajan is a student of Sanskrit by training, an educator of Sanskrit by profession and an astrologer by passion. Born to the Sri. Narayana Shastri and Tankam Ammal in Palakkad District, Kerala State, he mastered the Kaavyas, Naatakas, Alankaaras, Vyakanara, Vedaanta, Astrology and Mantra Shastras at a very young age. By the time Natarajan was 12, he had read Ramayana twelve times over and performed Sri Rama Pattabhisheka as many times. He had his formal English education alongside his Vedic training and holds a Masters Degree in Sanskrit as well as a Masters Degree in Educational Sciences from reputed institutions. Being a retired government servant, he has served in text book committees, refining Sanskrit education at various levels. Sri. Narayana Shastri, his father was a highly acclaimed ‘Shiromani’ (the qualification as an Exponent in Sanskrit awarded by Sanskrit College in Mylapore, Madras Province) and a well known Astrologer of his times.

Natarajan is hailed as a Vedic Pundit par excellence by his disciples and admirers. He is a scholar, poet, astrologer and a Mantra Siddha with directed mind. Illuminated with years of upasana,  he decodes the mantras on Vedic Gods. He is known by for his astonishing range, depth and peaks of mind and by his refreshingly original interpretation of our spiritual and philosophical tradition as enshrined in the Vedas, Upanishads, Puranas and other sacred texts. Among his several services to Vedic Heritage is his solid contribution to building a strong bridge between ancient past and evolutionary thought of the present. He unearthed many a truth that underlies concealed within the cryptic utterances of Veda. His findings on the various aspects of Vedas are a treasure of mystic lore.

Sri Narayan Prasad                

Mantra Matras Vedic Pujas, expert vedic astrologer, online pujas homas yajnasSri Narayan Prasad, an expert on Rare Vedic Yagnas has several distinctions to his credit. One of which being that the fact that he is an alumnus of the prestigious IIT Roorkee (Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee is one of the oldest Institutions of higher learning in the whole of erstwhile British Empire). He holds a Post Graduate Degree in Management (MBA) and Bachelors in Electrical Engineering (B-Tech). He presently helps Companies expand to new geographies and set up International Operations, besides being a panel Astrologer at AstroMerits. He hails from a family which, for generations, excelled in scholarship in Sanskrit, in the Upasana of Lord Siva and in the observance of rituals and ceremonies enjoined by tradition. Many of Narayan’s ancestors had performed Yajnas.

Narayan regards himself as a Tantrika, first and last. He is a profound votary and a masterful adept in the Mantra Shastras. It is on record how his Yajnas and High intensity Sadhanas turned the tide of many in distress and helped them achieve their dreams.  

His brush with Sanskrit, Vedas and Astrology was very early in life, at the tender age of five. Fortunate to be born in Palakkad, the Heartland of Vedic Astrology, He used perform the manual mathematical calculations made by the Astrologers, with his calculator during the conduct of Ashtamangalya Prashnas, at the age of just seven. He was fortunate to better his Vedic knowledge by studying under the best masters from across India, from places like Haridwar, Rishikesh, Varanasi and many other places.

His father Sri Natarajan , thought him Sanskrit and initiated him into the Mantra Shastras. Also he went through the mill of studying Vedas in the time-honored traditional way, alongside with his formal school education. He scrupulously observed the prescribed regimen of Parayana, Japa, Puja, Homa and Yajna. Narayan thus had a two dimensional education.  

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