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Vedic Astrology essentially is about the study of human experiences – past, present and future in the backdrop of time and space. Astrological analysis of the a native’s Birth chart (Janam Kundali or Horoscope) by a Vedic Astrologer gives a lot of information about the prior and future state of existence of a soul. The Indian Vedic Astrology reveals to the progressive soul:

  • The right track and method of activity
  • The nature of its faculties and their limitations
  • The penalties of violations and the reward for merits on the great stage of world’s existence

Vedic Astrology aims to correct man’s angularities, make him lead a life in conformity with the accepted laws of conduct, evolve psychologically and spiritually and ultimately merge in his source. Astrology warns the wary about the “weak and broken bridges” on the way and the ‘Vedic Way’ to correct it, thus becoming a very good guide.

Jyotish Shastra (Jyotisha, Jyotisham) in fact is science and philosophy blended together. An expert Vedic Astrologer must also be an expert in Astronomical Sciences, Religion, Samskrit(Sanskrit) and Philosophy, in order to be truly an expert. Giving very accurate Astrological predictions by Horoscope analysis also demands absolute purity of character coupled with the power of effective meditation on the part of the Vedic Astrologer. Out of these qualities of an Astrologer’s nature stems the faculty of deductive judgment, for Astrology is a science of the life-side of heavenly bodies and the Zodiac, Astronomy being its form side.

Indian Vedic Astrology takes birth from the ‘Vedas’ the highly sacred book of the Hindus and for the same reason Vedic Astrology is also referred to by many also as ‘Hindu Astrology’. The Vedas are not just the oldest books in the library of the world, as averred by Max Muller but also the oldest books on science as well. Our limited faculties cannot imagine that subtle communion with nature which guided their studies of “mystical” subjects by the help of which alone they made Astronomical discoveries like the revolution of the earth and other planets around the sun, the twelve signs of the zodiac, the nature and causes of eclipses and the planetary positions and conjunctions, centuries before Copernicus, Galileo, Tycho Brahe, Kepler and the illustrious Sir Issac Newton were born. The oldest book of the world ‘The Rig Veda’ even describes gravity! It says aakarshana - gravity – is the reason for the Sun remaining in the heavens. In other words, it says that the Sun stays and functions through the power of mutual gravity with other planets in the sky. (Mandala 2, Sloka 35, Mantra 2)

Aakarshanena rajasa varthamano nivesayantha mrutammratyama cha

hiranyena savitha rathena devo yathi bhuvanani pasyann

Vedic Seers knew much more about the solar system than their contemporaries did, stands proved by what Yajur Veda mentions in Ch.3-verse 6. It says the earth moves round the sun.

Aayam jo : prisnirakramidamadanamataram pura: Pitaram cha prayantaswa

The translation goes like this:

“Earth revolves in the space. It revolves with its mother water in its orbit. It moves round its father the Sun.”

Even from those very early times, Astrology has been in high favor in India. Of all the god’s creations on earth, we humans are capable of higher faculties like Inference and Intuition, than the five senses (which we call Indriyas). Astrological principles and canons are also the results of this transcendental inference and intuition. Indian Vedic Astrology itself being the wonderful outcome of fertile meditative wisdom of great Indian seers. Many of Vedic Astrology’s nuances stand subtly concealed stand subtly concealed in those immortal work of men of erudition and eminence like Parasara, Varahamihira, Pruthuyasas, Govinda, Jaimini, Manteswara, Madhava, Krishna and a host of others, who have not only nurtured this science but also brought it to perfection over years. Scholars are unanimous that various rules discernable in these texts of yore, propounded by the sages, have withstood the test of time and proved their efficiency in prophesying. Never intended to serve as self-instructors, most of the original works, in Samskrit (Sanskrit) are seen couched in words, noted for their brevity, but pregnant with variety of possible interpretations, comprehensible only to the wizards of distinction. These are meant to be studied under the feet of such connoisseurs who are only capable of delving into the depths of their meanings and significance and enlighten the student, which any translation in any language, however flawless, can never achieve.

AstroMerits wants the cobwebs of unscientific beliefs removed from real astrological thoughts that help the resurrection of the science of Astrology and save it from unwanted deleterious denunciations. Only then the pre-eminent glory of astrological thoughts can be restored to its unimpeachable heights of scientific acceptability. We believe that nothing short of an excellent academic environment with infrastructure for conducting astrological experiments and the right kind of students can prove to the world whether stars can guide the navigation of only ships, or also of human lives. We at intend to set up an exclusive ‘pathasala/research centre’ to further the research in Astrology and to bring the merits of Astrology to the common man.

When the Vedic expert at AstroMerits goes through your Janam Kundali, the Horoscope gives out a flood of information about your prior, present and future state of existence. What makes us truly unique of all the Vedic astrologers in the limelight is the fact that our Vedic Astrologers are differ in many aspects from the profile of just another astrologer with a website on the internet. Our Astrologers are experts in Astronomy, Religion, Samskrit (Sanskrit) and Philosophy. We hail from the coastal state of Kerala, better known as God’s own country. In this great land Jyotish Shastra is a way of life than sheer belief, to the extent that the language of the land itself has been premated with the spirit of Jyotisha, by freely acquiring astrological terminologies and enriching its idioms. The absolute purity of character, adherence to a strict Vedic mode of living, the performance of powerful Sadhanas aimed at augmenting spiritual power combined with the power derived by performance of great Vedic Yajnas equips us with the foresight, intuition and ability to totally understand you and your life equation through your Horoscope and partake in life changing yajnas, homas and pujas on your behalf.

A group handful of highly passionate Vedic Pundits are the back bone of AstroMerits. We work with the pledge to render a signal service to enhance the efficacy and spread this ancient Vedic wisdom. The most prominent of all Experts at AstroMerits are Sri Narayan Prasad (Great Vedic Scholar, expert in Mantra Shastras, Astrologer, Astronomer and an IITian) and Sri Nataraja Sharma ( Retired Bureaucrat, Astrologer, Distinguished Scholar in the Vedic language of Sanskrit, Writer of Books on topics like Yajnas and Pujas etc in Sanskrit, Expert on Indian Mythology, Commenter and Speaker on the Puranas and Vedas).

Some highly successful individuals, celebrities and organizations throughout the globe have immensely profited by using our Yajnas and have witnessed miraculous, life changing results. It gives us immense pleasure to face the fact that many of our esteemed clients who benefited immensely from our Vedic services regard and treat us just like members in their own family and despite our busy schedule, we even accept invitations and take part in the family functions to share their joy and happiness.      

The following are the ways in which you may make use of this AstroMerits for your personal, social and professional requirements.

Birth Time Rectification’- Having is your correct time of birth is the precondition to any meaningful and accurate astrological analysis. 

Business Astrology’ analyzes all the facets of your Business. It helps you go through the ups and downs of your Business with absolute confidence. With our ‘Partnership Astrology’ solution you can understand your partnerships and make them work for you. The Legal problems can make a big dent in the profitability of any Business venture and can cause a lot of stress to the individuals concerned. You can understand the astrological basis of your personal or professional legal standing, and make the right moves to win the case in the Court of Law with ‘Legal Astrology’.           

Life and Family are the basic determining factors for a happy life. Your personal issues and secret concerns are answered with ‘Personal Astrology’. You prospects for becoming a father or mother can be known with ‘Baby Birth Prediction’. Want to know what your child becomes when he grows up? Know your children and plan for their tomorrow with ‘Know your child’s future’ option. Your family’s future is determined by ‘Family Astrology’ solution. Does the word ‘exams’ scare you? Still to decide on your course of study? Try out ‘Education Astrology’. Health-wise be wise, understand your Health problems with ‘Health Astrology’, before they hit you. Come out healthier with our remedies. Understand your relationships with all the important persons in your life with ‘Relationship Astrology’. Altered reality is the best way to live your life!

Artha or money is one of the four aims of human existence as per the Vedas. You can understand your financial prospects with the help of our customized solution ‘Financial Astrology’, and plan for your financial future. ‘Speculation Astrology’ deals with the dynamics of speculation and how you may profit from the speculative activities that you indulge in. Life can be profitable, only if you know the odds! Decisions pertaining to movable and immovable property are tough decisions for all of us, as the involved financial outlay is huge. With the aid of ‘Buy-Sell Astrology’, you can make decisions pertaining to your property with ease. ‘Buy-Sell Astrology’ thoroughly analyzes your birth chart and also correlates it with a Prashna chart to evaluate the best time to Buy/Sell the object under consideration. ‘Money Astrology’ gives you your financial horoscope, the best and worst monetary phases in your life, suggestive remedies to sort out your monetary issued, pujas to max out your financial gains and a lot more.

With 2011 just getting started, you can understand the annual prospects and gear up to make 2011 the best year for you till date. The annual horoscopy will involve Tajaka as well as conventional methods of Horoscope Interpretation and therefore you will very precisely know your Career, Money, Business, Love and Life movements in 2011 with the help of following annual predictions: ‘Career 2011’, ‘Money 2011’, ‘Business 2011’, ‘Love 2011’ and ‘Life 2011’.

Career is a very important consideration in our daily lives. To make the most of your career, Vedic Astrology is an absolutely great tool and will see you through your major decision phases in career. ‘Career Astrology’ will illuminate your career ahead and make your career life lively, enjoyable and lead you towards success.

If the question ‘when will I travel abroad?’ is bogging you, you may be interested in ‘Overseas Astrology’ or ‘Travel Astrology’ solutions, which will tell you how bright your prospects are to travel abroad at a particular time, your nature of travel and so on. Travel Astrology will also analyze the other travels that you are planning to undertake. 

Muhurtha or Electional Astrology determines the right time for performing an important life event. The time to have an important function like Marriage, entering a new home (grihapravesham) etc is very important for long lasting success. It is also important to consider Muthrtha while performing important yajnas and pujas.

Gemstones have a lasting remedial effect on the wearer of the stone. Some gemstones can give a very good positive effect whilst some others can bring just the opposite effect into a native’s life. It is mandatory to understand the importance of each Gemstone and correlate it with your Horoscope and your life goals. ‘Gemstone Remedy’ suggested by our expert Astrologers is exactly what you need before buying any gemstone.    

Mantra Recommendation’ is the art and science if matching an Individual with the appropriate befitting Mantra. Finding the winning mantra for a person is a fairly complex process, than many assume it to be. To derive actual benefit out of a Mantra, there are certain preset rules that need to be followed and strictly adhered to. You will get the Mantra giving the desired results for you with our Mantra Recommendation.    

When we recommend a Puja to you, we keep your objectives into consideration while keeping your horoscope into perspective. The aim is to capitalize on your strengths and minimize your weaknesses in your horoscope so that you get what you want. Hence the solution ‘Puja Recommendation’.

Yantra Recommendation’ feature arms you with the right energized yantra to help you meet your life goals.  

Shani Dosha, Mangalik Dosha and Kalsarp Dosha are three non ignorable malefic combinations in any Horoscope. Understanding these doshas and studying the malefic dispositions of Mars, Ketu, Rahu and Shani and their effects on your life is crucial to all walks of life. With ‘Doshas and Remedies’, you will get know all the Doshas present in your Horoscope, their effects in your life with the appropriate remedial measures to counter their ill effects

Ask us anything! Coz you have got questions and we have got the answers. You can ‘Ask a Question’, ‘Ask 3 Questions’ or even ‘Ask 10 Questions’!

Marriage is perhaps the single greatest deciding factor for a happy life and perhaps one of the most important decisions we need to take in our lives. Understand your marriage prospects, Post martial happiness etc with ‘Marriage Astrology’. Use our ‘Horoscope Matching’ product to study and understand the Marriage compatibility between the two Horoscopes. You may use ‘Relationship Astrology’ to understand things like whether you will have a love/arranged marriage, whether your love affair will culminate in a marriage etc.

Pujas, Homas and Yajnas are three essential facets of Sanathana Dharma. AstroMerits enables people across the globe to have access to live Pujas to almost all major Gods and Goddesses in Hinduism. Pujas, Homas and Yajnas employed for various purposes are discussed below.  

Pujas for a better Education: Offering Pujas to the following deities will improve one’s academic performance: Saraswathy, Hayagriva, Dakshinamoorthy, Datttreya, Ganapathi, Nakshatra or Birthstar Puja, Planetary Pujas & Navagraha Puja.

For improvement of one’s Health, the following pujas are recommended: Maha Mritunjaya puja, Ayush Homam or Ayur Puja, Dhanvantri Puja, Hanuman Puja, Ganapathi Puja, Navagraha Homa, Planetary Pujas & Homas

Performance of the following Pujas will help a couple in begetting a child: Guru Puja (Jupiter Puja), Santhana Gopala Puja, Dasavathara Puja and Parvathi Puja. The aforesaid pujas will also help in the growth and development of one’s children.

For curing the malefic influences of various planets in one’s horoscope and for overall prosperity the following Pujas are recommended: Surya Puja, Chandra Puja, Mangala Puja, Budha Puja, Guru Puja, Shukra Puja, Sani Puja,  Rahu Puja and Ketu Puja.

The following Pujas are performed for an immensely successful life: Dasa Avathara Yajna, Dasa Mahavidya Yajna (or Dasha Mahavidhya Puja), Sri Chakra Puja, Saptha Matrika Puja, Shiva Yajna, Vishnu Yajna & Navagraha Yajna.

To get rid of various kinds of evils, the following Pujas are advised: Gajanan Puja, Pratyangira Devi Puja, Dasamahavidya Puja, Durga Puja, Kali Puja, Shiva Puja & Alakshmi Puja (Alakshmi is known also as Jyeshta Devi).  

AstroMerits also provides pujas for meeting a unique set of requirements. Special pujas on yours or your beloved’s birthday is available with our offering ‘Birthday Pujas’. If you want a certain piece of land to be consecrated, then you can have a Bhumi Puja done by us in the most detailed and proper manner. If you are moving into your dream house then Vasthu Shanthi Puja becomes a must for a happy life.

For those of you looking forward to a full-fledged and fast paced career progression, Career Pujas are a must. You can benefit from the following pujas: Lakshmi Narayana Homam, Mahalakshmi Puja, Lakshmi Kubera Puja, Ganapathi Homam and Ashtalakshmi Puja.

One’s Enemies might be internal and external to a person. External enemies are the ones who trouble us in our day to day lives. Internal enemies are few of our own thoughts and beliefs which negatively influence our decisions, leading us towards failure. The enemies can be confronted by ways of the following worship methods: Sudarshan Homa, Hanuman Puja, Kalabhairav Yajna, Parashurama Puja, Bagalamukhi Maha Yajna (Strongest of all Pujas), Sarbeshvara Puja, Dharma Shatha Puja, Subramanya Puja, Durga Puja, Kali Puja and Shiva Abishekha.

There are lots of similarities between the Pujas intended towards monetary benefit and the ones performed for betterment of one’s career. This is because career/business is the main source of money for many. The Gods that need to be appeased for betterment of one’s career are: Alakshmi, Ashtalakshmi, Mahalakshmi, Lakshmi-Kubera, Ganapathi and Lakshmi-Narayana.   

The following pujas bless a native with a happy and prosperous marriage. These are Shiv Parvati Puja, Swayamvara Parvathi Puja, Shukra Puja (Venus God), Mangal Puja (for Mangalik Dosh Nivaran), Nakshatra Puja, Maha Dasa-Lord Puja (Planet which lords the main dasa of the native), Navagraha Puja.

Go ahead and place your order with us! AstroMerits offers live Astrological Consultations with Reports & Text, Voice and Video Chat options. You will get to watch your Pujas performed live in High Clarity, like never before.


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